Sponsor: Nordic MDS group

Project group:

Principal investigator: Dr Lars Möllgård (Sahlgrenska, Gothenburg)

Study committee: Lars Möllgård (Sahlgrenska, Gothenburg), Olle Werlenius (Sahlgrenska, Gothenburg), Johan Aurelius (Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Gothenburg), Kristoffer Hellstrand (Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Gothenburg), Eva Hellström Lindberg (Karolinska, Huddinge), Lars Nilsson (Skåne University Hospital, Lund), Mats Brune (Sahlgrenska, Gothenburg), Anna Martner (Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Gothenburg) and Fredrik Bergh Thorén (Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Gothenburg).

Immunological substudies: Johan Aurelius, Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Gothenburg

Primary objective

Secondary objectives

Status: Recruiting

Start: Q1 2017

Treatment: Enrolled subjects will receive histamine dihydrochloride (HDC; Ceplene®) and/or IL-2 (Proleukin®) subcutaneously (s.c.) twice daily (BID) in 3-week periods followed by 3- or 6 week rest periods.

Study population:

Contact person: Lars Möllgård

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.