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Big grant of 100 million DKK has just been given from the Novo Nordisk Fonden to the Stem cell center Danstem, Copenhagen University, Denmark in order to establish a program especially designed for research for individual treatment of AML and MDS.

Congratulations to Professor and senior consultant Kirsten Grønbæk!


More information can be found here (in English): https://www.rigshospitalet.dk/english/news-and-media/news/Pages/2017/august/Researchers-to-look-for-new-therapies-for-blood-cancers-.aspx 

More information can be found here (in Danish): https://www.rigshospitalet.dk/presse-og-nyt/nyheder/nyheder/Sider/2017/august/Stor-donation-kan-bane-vejen-for-bedre-behandling-til-patienter-med-haematologisk-kraeft.aspx